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Our mission is to be the leader in education and community level firearms training while providing superior training without the stress, intimidation, or anxiety common with people who have never touched a firearm before, and then continue to provide additional training to hone their shooting skills.


At DavidsMark, we intend to accomplish this by providing a comfortable learning environment, small and private group settings, along with certified & caring instructors.


Sidney Smith

Sharpening my second amendment skills today! Shout out to David and Justin at DavidsMark Firearms Training for an outstanding day of instruction.


Todd Sisk

I can't help but feel that many of you, like me, believe this skill is growing ever more important for safety and well being for our families and businesses. This is my rock, David. His course is exactly what prepared citizen needs to gain the proper edge to control life's situations, safely and effectively.


Renayka Boyd

Hey AZ peeps! If you need firearms training check out DavidsMark! Hubby and I had a great time with him last week. He's such a patient and supportive teacher.


Erica Curry Rodgers

Happy Thursday!!! Thank you David and Justin for our CCW certification class. I learned so much about how to properly use a firearm!! I faced my fears about using firearms and so glad I did it!! Thank you babe for always encouraging me to be the greatest version of who God has called me to be


Valencia Goodson

Private Shooting Lessons with the Fam!

Thanks David and Justin for Your Teachings and for showing us how to shoot with the big toys!!!

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