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David Greaves is a Veteran of the United States Navy, NRA Certified Instructor, (PPS) Personal Protection Specialist, Advanced and Armed Bodyguard and Event Security Team Manager. David has enjoyed security and shooting sports for more than 30+ years.


David and his team enjoys training individuals with little to no knowledge or training experience, as well as more advanced students.


At DavidsMark we realize that buying a weapon can be exciting and even scary for some however buying a weapon is not "good enough"! Let us help you figure out the proper firearm for you and learn how to properly use it.

Served in the U.S. Navy as a

Corpsman (Medic) attached to the Marine Corps Infantry

Several Deployments as a Medic in Afghanistan, North Africa and the Middle East

Firearms instructor for the Afghanistan military, police, U.S. military units and coalition forces.

Worked as a Firefighter/Paramedic / Search and Rescue Technician

Worked for seven years as a Federal Law Enforcement on a DEA funded counter-drug team working along the U.S. / Mexico Border

Currently an adjunct instructor at a state police academy and instructs church security teams, private security providers, law and multiple law enforcement agencies in Tactics, Firearms, De-escalation techniques and tactical medicine.

Loves spending time with his wife, daughter and dog.


Take a glimpse into what you will experiene at DavidsMark! You will have the confidence you need after each class and also will have the enjoyment of learning so many different ways to handle a firearm, the mindset of having a firearm and also having instructors who push you to be the best you can be within each class! That is why you want to be at DavidsMark for your next firearm experience!