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We fill the need for Firearms Education at the community level.  The substantial increase in firearms ownership and interest, brings the need for basic training in safety, skills, and responsible ownership.  Let DavidsMark help you to give yourself, your family, and the public in general, a greater sense of confidence and peace of mind by becoming familiar with your personal firearm along with the responsibilities that accompany ownership.  Then take it a step further by continuing to train and advance those skills!


Handling and shooting any firearm can be a VERY intimidating and even traumatic thought for many. We’ve been conditioned to believe that firearms are dangerous. In reality, firearms are safe when handled properly and with respect. Now don’t get us wrong, we understand the very real dangers of firearms when placed in the wrong hands! It is the untrained, the careless, and the evil-doers that make the firearm “dangerous”.

Always remember that firearms make an invaluable equalizer for defending yourself and your loved ones, saving an estimated 500,000 to 2 million lives each year. Evil people have existed since the beginning of time and unfortunately will always exist. Owning a firearm is the number one reason students attend our courses with the realization that anyone can be a victim but, like many of you, these students had a fear of hurting themselves or a loved one and signed up so they can learn about firearms safety. Many continue honing their shooting skills with recreational shooting and some even find out they shoot very well and get involved in competition shooting. Whatever your goal is, we’re here to help and DavidsMark will make your experience enjoyable while gaining the confidence to handle any firearms safely!

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